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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  June 4, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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and letters from vietnam. today, secretary panetta receives letters from a u.s. soldier killed more than 40 years ago. and plus the dancing queen, the diamond jubilee continues with a garden party for 10,000. good day. i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. in the daily fix today, it is one of the most contentious political battles that any state has ever seen with national repercussions for the labor movement, and both political parties. tomorrow, wisconsin voters will decide whether to recall their governor scott walker who has made his reputation on the anti-union crusader. and tom barrett who lost to walker only two years ago by six points and former mayor will join us. and democrats have outspent republicans in this race, and the president has beenb in the neighborhood, but he has not stopped to campaign there. and we are joined by chris is a
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lee lizza. how could he be going around the midwest and to chicago for the weekend a nd not stopping in wisconsin, and that tells you that they don't think they will win? >> well, yes, it does, andrea. they think they will win and not be associated with a loss in a swing state. this is not texas, but a state that we expect both parties to spend heavily with, and they don't want president obama to be too closely soeshts lly associ. and i spoke to a lot of people before my piece this morning dealing with whether he should have gone in there or not, and they say that the electorate is so polarized that the undecides are so small that president obama would not make a difference anyway, so i say that by means of context. i think that there always pressure on the president to make a visit in the high profile
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statewide elections and going back to early 2010 and the president seemed like he got cajoled to go support martha coakley in massachusetts against scott brown and we know how that ended and that experience was formative. he said, i got strong armed into that one, and i won't into this one. >> one question comes to mind, if the president of the united states, the leader of the party can't affect turnout because with so few undecided turnout race, then one questions what the real role is, but here is both candidates talking about the absence of president obama. >> two years ago the president came in for our opponent, and he is not here now. on friday, he made three stops to the twin cities and to my understanding and three stops to chicago and hard to argue he is not nearby. >> i have not asked him to come out here, and i understand that he is running a country, and he has his own campaign. >> we understand he has a lot going on. >> and now, in the national race
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which might have some ripple effects from this depending upon what the outcome is, we have a new ad bye auy and it is $10 min attacking the romney record in massachusett massachusetts. >> yeah, absolutely, andrea. quickly on wisconsin and one last point. there is no question that tom barrett and tom barrett's campaign would have liked president obama to come. that is a fact. the other thing though is that president obama like most politicians is looking out for himself for second and third and being associated with something that looks like a loss although we don't know how is it going to turn out is sketchy. another point is that $10 million is amazing, because the obama administration has more than $10 million in the bank, and $10 million buy, and this is what they would argue is a two-pronged attack. they started with bain and now moving to massachusetts all arguing they would say the same point that mitt romney is looking out for the wealthy and not the average middle-class
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citizen. >> chris cillizza, thank you so much for starting us off today. that wisconsin recall election is the most expensive from the state, and much of the money coming from outside of the state. and though walker has promised to take on quote outside special interests he has raised 7.5 times more money nan the democratic opponent, and two-thirds of the money has come from outside of wisconsin according to the scenter for public integrity, and joining me is reince priebus, and most importantly in the context, you are the former chair of the republican party in wisconsin and you know it well. this is your state, and let's talk about all of this money. you guys are just clobbering the democrats. >> sure. >> with this effort to defend scott walker. >> well sh, first of all who kn in the end who spent more. there is a lot of union money being spent up there, and it is enormous effort. this never would have had to
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happen, andrea, if the unions from the outside wouldn't have tried to come in to hijack the state of wisconsin. we are committed and i can speak for the rnc in wisconsin that we are committed to helping scott walker and committed to the idea that if you are someone of your word and govern as you campaign, you should be rewarded for that. and we have what scott walker is somebody who simply made some very few promises and one of them was that we weren't going to spend more money than we took in, and he committed to that promise, and now we are going to defend him. defend him, because i think that the rest of the country also needs to see that you can be someone of your word in this country and succeed, and he deserves it. the state is doing better because of his reforms. >> of course, the unions would argue and the democrats would argue on their behalf that none of this would have happened if he had not tried to break the union contracts and the right to bargain collectively. >> well, an dredreandrea, the p
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a seven-minute hit is that the formula in wisconsin is complex, and how a local unit of government levees the property tax is complicated. the fact of the matter is that unless the state of wisconsin uncuffed the hands of local governments and their own hands in madison, it wouldn't be possible to make ends meet in the state without being upside down and in debt. one thing that scott walker promised is that hi would issue reforms to make sure that the state was not spending more money than it took in, and let me tell you what we are talking about is a tiny fraction more that state employees have to pay toward towards their health care and their pension benefits. this is not like we are clobbering, and it is not like some draconian change. this is a small percentage increase, and half of what everyone else pays in the private sector. so, i think it wouldn't have happened if it weren't for the outside big union, public union
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boss money coming in, in the first place, andrea. >> let me ask you about john kasic, the ohio governor who has had his own problems with the rollbacks on the union bargaining rights. >> sure. >> this is john kasich on meet the press where david greg i have asking him about giving the president some credit for the better employment in the auto industry in ohio and other states in the midwest as a result of the auto bailout. >> is there not some credit for the president there? >> david, the fact is that we are thrilled with the auto jobs and thrilled that the auto industry has been -- >> mitt romney would not have bailed them out. >> well, we are thrilled with the auto industry, and give me the facts, 73,000 jobs created since '11. and you know how many direct jobs in the auto industry? 1,800. >> of course, with governor kasich is not acknowledging is the jobs that would have been lost in the auto industry and
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the other industries and the companies that are reliant on it. if that bailout had not taken place, so shouldn't you guys be giving the president some credit for that? >> no, we don't have to give the president credit for handing out tax dollars. my belief is that a managed bankruptcy just like we see the airline companies across america, and seems like every three months one airline is filing chapter 11 to reorganize, and -- >> mr. chairman, no private money on the table then, and steve rattner was there and he has praised mitt romney and bain capital and honest broker even though he is a former administration official he is back in the equity field, and he said no private money available and it had to be done by the government and no other taker. >> well, we have a difference of opinion, and i happen to beli e believe, and i have been in the bankruptcy court as a lawyer, and i know that i have been in hearings in court and i know a little bit about this, and i can just tell you that managed bankruptcies in casings like general motors and chrysler,
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they can work to manage debt and manage creditors and that is exactly what happened. what ultimately allowed general motors and chrysler to come out of othis was the managed bankruptcy they went through, and that is something that mitt romney had advocated for in 2006, so, you know, this splitting hairs over who gets credit and who doesn't, i mean, the fact is that we believe that handing over millions and millions of dollars of tax money to bail out the private enterprise is not appropriate. and by the way, all of the money has not been paid back either. so managed bankruptcies can work. they did work for chrysler and general motors, and the fact is that the president has left, and not kept the eye on the ball when it comes to jobs in the country, and we have 500,000 fewer people employ ed today thn when he took office, and playing the taxpayer shell game with president obama is something
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that we are not going to engage in. >> reince priebus, thank you. and any prediction on wisconsin right now before i let you go? >> i am feeling good about walker, but as republicans we have to keep the foot on the pedal, because it is not easy to win in wisconsin for any or either party, so it is always tough. we are used to it, and both parties have a pretty good turnout machine up there, and we have to wait and see, but i think that walker comes out successful. >> thank you so much, and we will check back with you in the next few days after the results. joining me now is congresswoman debbie wassermann schultz. thanks for being with us, and what is your take on wisconsin. >> thanks for having me, andrea. >> thanks for being here, and one question is quite obvious is why the president has done this fly around wisconsin, and not gone there and why not more democratic national committee money to help challenge scott walker? >> well, there has been a significant amount of resourcs s
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put in from the democratic party, and from our considerable ground operation through the full engagement and activity of the obama for america staff and volunteers on the ground. we have over the course of the cycle, andrea, put in over $1.5 million for wisconsin to try to a, that the recall got on the ballot, and we were involved with our folks on the ground to help the volunteers and the wisconsinites who have been standing up to tr workfor the w the middle class families that were ran over since scott walker has taken over. >> well, he has money that is far out distancing what the democrats have put in. >> yes, super pac money and outside corporate money, and shows you what is at stake for scott walker. they set out when he became
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governor to break the backs of unions and decimate the collective bargaining arguments and it is not something that scott walker mentioned in the campaign and came in and tlied to make sure he could stand up for the special interests and for corporate america, and really cut the legs out from under the workers in wisconsin. that is what the wisconsin voters responded to when they put the recall on the ballot. it is pretty unprecedented in barely over a year into the term of a governor for the voters to react so strongly against the policies that a governor put into place that they would actually put a recall on the ballot. so that tells you that wisconsin voters are pretty unhappy and standing up for workers. >> forgive me, with so much at stake, why didn't the president go to campaign? he was right next door. >> well, if you heard tom barrett over the weekend and i had a chance to campaign with tom barrett this past wednesday, president clinton came in on
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friday and this is a wisconsin and unlike what the republicans are doing which is to bring in millions and millions of dollars and tens of millions of dollas s in outside influence and outside money, this is a wisconsin-based election, and that is how tom barrett has run it. we have brought in the resources and the mobilization of all of the state party and obama for america team fully engaged. we brought in some of the outside help, and martin o'malley, the head of the maryland governors association has come in, but this is a recall put on the ballot by wisconsin voters and this is a wisconsin-based election standing up for wisconsin middle-class and working families and that is what the outcome will show tomorrow is that wisconsin voters are going to send a strong message to the tea party extremists who have taken over the republican party and that the republican party has allowed to take them over that we want you to focus on the middle-class and working families and not on lining the pockets of your special interest
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wealthy friends and that is what scott walker set out to do right from the first day in office. >> you are coming to us from miami today and you are of course the congresswoman from down there as well. >> yes. >> and the voter i.d. -- >> proudly so. >> and tell us how you are dealing with that and what you think is at stake with these voter i.d. laws and particularly what is happening in florida. >> well, the -- it is a good question. republicans across the country, republican governors have pushed through legislatures these voter suppression laws, and one of the worst is in my home state of florida and just overturned by both the department of justice and by a court that rick scott, the governor here, and the republican legislature actually had such egregious voter registration rules that the league of women voters had to stop registering voters after 70 years of doing it, because was if they didn't turn in a voter registration form within 70 hours, it was up to a $1,000
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fine, and the rules they put in place were so greatly hampering making sure that the voters had access to the polls, they shrunk the number of days for early voting from 14 days to 8 days and limited what the super visor of elections, the hours they could make available for voting and on the day of the election they banned early voting even though majority of african-americans voted in that time frame. so this is an insidious attempt to keep voters from getting to the polls to vote for president obama, and the republicans know they can't win the election on the merits, and the middle-class realizes that the economy is going to get turned around and taking an economy hemorrhaging jobs every month and now a job
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growth every month and resurgence in the manufacturing sector and that is thanks to the policies and even bob mcdonnell, a republican from virginia, a republican star, acknowledged over the weekend that the reason that we began to get things turned around and the reason for his state's lower unemployment rate is because of barack obama's policies and because he infused that money from the recovery act and to ensure to keep the first responders and teachers on the job, and states to balance the budgets when they would have been bleeding financially. so reince priebus is, you know, doing the job as the head of the party, but if you ask governors across the country like bob mcdonnell, they know that barack obama's policies have been helping to get this economy turned around. we have a long way to go, and i hope we can work the republican colleagues and get them to focus on the one job they seem obsessed with, which is barack obama's job. >> we will leave it right there, and the national chair of the national democratic party. >> thank you, andrea.
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in today's politico briefing together again,clinton campaigning with president obama after clinton went severely off message criticizing mitt romney's history with bain capital. >> there is no question that getting up to go to the office and basically performing the essential functions of the office and a man who has been governor and a sterling business
1:21 pm
career crosses the threshold. >> well, that sterling business career, and joining me is politico's richard roth -- oh, richard. that is the conventional wisdom of a lot of people, but not the wisdom in chicago, and not the david axelrod and how could clinton go off of the rails that badly? >> well, clinton was not just off message, but he blew it up with a hand grenade and monumentally awkward describes his relationship with the president. there are two things at work here. one is that the two men, president obama and president clinton have two different views of wall street. under bill clinton wall street and capitalism worked very well, and the dow jones industrial average tripled, 16 million jobs created and everybody was happy. president obama inherited the failure of wall street, a
1:22 pm
derivatives bubble, and housing bubble and bailouts of financial institutions, and bill clinton is very happy with wall street, and president obama sees wall street as somebody to attack, and we are trying to mesh these two men together. it is not going to work. >> all sorts of collateral issues going on including the former president's hopes for his own wife's political future and of course, the residue from the past campaign, and plus bill clinton lives in new york, and the contributors to the clinton global initiative are from wall street, and they are venture capitalists. >> absolutely. >> that is how he raises the money for the global projects, and they are all projects that have been praised around the world, but the financial base are the very people that barack obama feels are the case. >> and that is important to keep in mind the history of the two
1:23 pm
men and bill clinton's ego for lack of a betterrd wo. he is a brilliant politician and brilliant campaigner for himself. when he was campaign iing for h wife, he was not so brilliant. he made a huge strae tee-- strategic blunder in south carolina and angered a lot of voters, and the price of getting bill clinton to go out to fund raise for you which they are doing tonight is that bill clinton wants to contribute to the strategy of the obama campaign, and the obama campaign has no interest in bill clinton's strategy. >> in fact, they don't think it is self-interested. roger simon, my good friend, and up next, it is a new kind of warfare, and there are no rules of engagement. cyber battles when we return on "andrea mitchell reports." time for the "your business
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♪ senator john mccain is now
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calling for an investigation into leaked details about america's cyber war against iran accusing the administration of bolstering the president's election year credentials at the expense of the national security. it is adapted from the new book "confront and conceal" and this is what set it all off. david sanger is the chief correspondent for the washington times and the author of the book and joins me now. david, congratulations on uncovering a whole lot of stuff, and you have caused a storm as you know, and first of all, did you have a second thought about publishing this, because a lot of reports and rumors about the computer war against iran's nuclear program, and nef before reported that it originated with the bush white house, that it was expanded by president obama, and only then that israel got into it. and you even have the details as to how we actually accomplished
1:28 pm
this. >> well, andrea, i tried to be careful in the course of what i did. obviously, the iranians knew a lot and learned a lot after u.s. and israel made a major mistake and the mistake was known as stuxnet, and it is when the worm got out and programming error that went out through the laptop of an iranian engineer and he c connected to the internet and got out to the world. that is what caused the leak. so what i did is to pull on the string of stuxnet to see what was connected and discovered a wider program which is called olympic games. but one, i try to be careful with this as we do at "the new york times" and you do at nbc, and i said from the beginning that we would publish information that the iranians already figured out and they knew they had been attacked and suspected they were attacked
1:29 pm
from, and as i say at the end of the book, i withheld details about current and future operations, because i was careful not to publish enough detail about how the worm got in, because it would preclude that issue as well. >> you raise a very important question which is that, and we went through the cold war, the nuclear threats and you argue very persuasively in the article in the book that after the cuban missile crisis pretty much the u.s. realized that nuclear war was something that almost no american president would do unless it were a dire eventuality. >> that is right. >> and then we got into the drone wars and this is a whole new battle front, and we are the most vulnerable country to counter attack to these kinds of cyber attacks. >> that is exactly right, andrea. that is why you have to write about cyber war. i mean, we are not writing about it just for the pleasure of, you
1:30 pm
know, revealing programs. this is a real issue here, and here's the issue. as you say, nuclear weapons took us 20 years to figure out what the rules were and there were people who wanted to use the nuclear weapons and mcarthur wanted to use them against china in the korean war and in the cuban missile crisis there was an argument to president kennedy to use them against the soviet union and decided it could not be used. the predator we use every week. last night a predator attack that is believed to have caused at least 14 deaths in pakistan. there have been a number of these in pakistan. cyber falls somewhere in between, but we haven't had the debate about when you want to use the cyber weapon, because the programs are classified and because the united states while admitting it is developing cyber weapons has never admitted to using them. well sh well, obviously n the iran case, we have used them for some time and as i indicated before the iranians figured that out two years ago. >> well, the book is "confront
1:31 pm
and conceal." and it is extraordinary documentation of the way that president obama confronted what to do when the secret got out in 2010, and actually decided to expand the cyber war, and the outcome really is not written. >> no, it is not and the program is still under way. >> thank you very much, david. thanks to joining us today. >> thank you, andrea. and up next, will the cyber war help israel decide not to take a military action against iran's nuclear program, and we will get a reality check from israel to the u.s. and the well heeled joining forces to raise money for the president. e backboard. [ laughs ] dad! [ laughs ] whoo! oh! you're up! oh! oh! so close! now where were we? ok, this one's good for two. score!
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poignant mow mmentos exchanged secretary leon panetta by his vietnamese foreign minister. they say the exchange is critical to make you bring the countries together. >> it makes you understand that in war people who come from families and loved ones often times lose their life. and the ability to get this and to be able to give it back to the vietnamese is part of the healing process that follows war. >> returnbing to the question of cyber war now, has the cyber war that the u.s. with israel's help according to david sanger's reporting, has that avoided an all-out war against iran and the nuclear, suspected nuclear
1:36 pm
capability, and now we are joined at the table with ambassador warren. the u.s. role has been long suspected and iran's role is long suspected and what david's book says that it was launched under president bush and expa expanded under president obama, and having a window into all of this that israel was able to see in real time the plant as we were and then to see what could be accomplished through the secret cyber attack, and of all without confirming israel's role or has it helped slow down any kind of military action? >> nope. first of all, good afternoon, andrea, and always good to be with you. i don't know anything about the cyber warfare or worms or vir virus viruses, but focus on what we do know. iran has 10,000 centrifuges up and working and amassed a sufficient nuclear materiel for enriching nuclear capability.
1:37 pm
and now they have enriched to a higher level, and what we know is that they have accelerated the program by -- >> h and 20% is arguably getting into the range of being able to create a bomb and far higher than the enrichment which is needed for electrical power plant or medical isotopes. >> yes. that is true. this is what we do know today, and that this project according to again the international national atomic agency is accelerated by 50%, and they are rushing. >> now, two rounds of talks with iran. and the second talks are scheduled for moscow, and the baghdad talks did not produce any agreement, and is israel now concerned about the possibility, again, of redlines that might be crossed and that diplomacy may not work? >> well, first of all, let me be the first to say that if diplomacy does work nobody is happier nan the people of israel.
1:38 pm
we have the most at stake here. though iranian's nuclear program threatens the entire world, and the supreme commander of the armed forces in iran said it is their goal to completely annihilate the state of israel, and for those of us who have kids in the country from israel, we have a lot at stake, but be honest with us, that while we are here having this conversation, iran is enriching nuclear materiel by the opening of the next round of talks in moscow, think of how much more nuclear materiel will be enriched. so we have moved all of that way, and they have amassed this amount of enrichment materiel, and yes, there is that souse of the concern. >> i want to ask you about what is happening in egypt, because the egyptian election now pits what are the radical and the most radical extremes, mubarak holdovers versus the muslim brotherhood, and now huge anger in egypt about the sentencing of
1:39 pm
mubarak and the fact that nobody has paid for all of the people who died in the revolution. >> well, our major concern is for israel. we is a peace treaty with egypt now more than close to 35 years' old, and very important co cornerstone of the middle eastern policy and our strategy and the defense policy and we honor and respect that treaty, and we expect the egyptian government whoever will be in power to continue to respect that as well. >> including if it is the muslim brotherhood. >> including whoever is elected in egypt, who achieves power in egypt, we expect them to live up to egypt's international commitments which means honoring the peace treaty with israel. >> thank you, michael orren, ambassad ambassador. and coming up next tea time with the queen for the diamond jubilee. plus restoring rinse. it's the only rinse that makes your teeth two shades whiter and two times stronger.
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london are that the duke of edenberg, prince philip who will be 91 this sun kaye has been hospitalized for a bladder infection and without his presence the celebration will go on of the queen's jubilee and continuing today with a grand fashion for a picnic of 12,000 people in buckingham palace and the gardens there and followed by a special ri gar ta -- regatta on the thames. and tonight, she will be hosted by elton john and tom jones and many others tonight. we are joined by robert foster our msnbc contributor from london. tell us what we know about the duke of edinboro, because it is troubling and obviously an issue for her majesty. >> well, of course, the duke is 91 years old, and he was seriously ill last december, and it is a concern. he has been hospitalized and he has had a bladder infection and
1:44 pm
the palace is doing their best to play it down this moment, but in truth, it is a concern, and the queen will carry on with the concert taking place behind me later today, but the reality is that because of the age and the seriousliness y nesiness of the few months ago, they are concerned. >> one thing watching this from this side of the atlantic is just how extraordinary the love and affection for the queen is among her subjects, and we know that she went through, you know, 1992, the in her own words to parliament, and what do you attribute to that? >> well, the royal wedding of prince william and the duchess kate was influential in putting the role of the family back on the map, but in terms of the diamond jubilee, this is a truly
1:45 pm
historic occasion because it only happened once before in 1897 with queen victoria and everybody is reflecting over the great job the queen has done over the last six decades. her first prime minister is sir winston churchill and she has done a tre member douse job at the helm, and people are look back to pay tribute to her, and that is why so many people turned out in the abysmal conditions in the rain to cheer her. >> and in fact, that regatta is something that had not happened in 300 years and extraordinary to watch. and the fact that she just carries on and does it with such aplomb is remarkable, and we were talking about this, robert, the three british monarchs and the three most memorable are all women, queen victoria, and elizabeth and now elizabeth. >> yes, that will change with prince william and catherine if they have a baby girl, because
1:46 pm
that baby girl will automatically be a queen of the monarch because of the prime geniter rule changes. >> and here, here we vote for that very much. robert, enjoy the parties. what political stories will make headlines in the next 24 hours? that is next here on "andrea mitchell reports." from thought to trade, on every screen. and all in real time. which makes it just like having your own trading floor, right at your fingertips. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. try our easy-to-use scottrader streaming quotes. it's another reason more investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade.
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1:50 pm
and michelle obama. these two wonderful women and i are hosting a dinner along with the president and new york city to benefit the obama campaign on june 14th. it will be a fantastic evening and you can join us. we're saving the two best seats in the house for you. so you have to enter to win. >> okay. the guy who ended the war in iraq, the guy who says you should be able to marry anyone you want and the guy who created 4 million new jobs, that guy, president obama and michelle, are coming to my house for dinner on june 14th. and i want you to be there, too. >> susan page is with usa today, washington bureau chief, and editorial writer with the "washington post." let me stipulate that i think anna win is brilliant and a wonderful person and i love sarah jessica parker in all fashions. but is this the way to run a campaign? especially given the jobs number? >> isn't this a sign that they really think they need to focus on raising money?
1:51 pm
because incumbents expect the advantage, that won't be the case. if anything, the republicans will have the advantage. david axelrod was on a conference call and was asked about these ads and his association with celebrities like sarah jessica parker and david axelrod pointed out that romney had been hanging out with trump frump and raising money with him. maybe we have a war of association going on here. >> so it is a truism of politics that you need to spend some time fundraising. but i was having flashbacks this morning when i looked at that ad to the famous mccain-obama celebrity ad. and just, boy, now he has to associate with celebrities. and i just think we've seen it on both sides. david axelrod is totally right. there was mitt romney last week
1:52 pm
palling around with donald trump. it is a little hard to criticize one for sort of silliness in fundraising when you're palling around with anna wintour. might be more fun than donald trump. certainly more hair. >> maybe it helps on the gender divide because these are true star women. it seem given the jobs numbers, this does raise questions. and now maureen dowd, the column yesterday is not too much of an exaggeration to say it was like walter cronkite knowledge could out against lbj. this column absolutely devastated the president who started off with such dazzle now seems incapable of stimulating either the economy or the voters, she wrote. his campaign is offering obama 2012 car magnets for a donation of $10. cat callers reading i meow for michelle and obama grill spatula for $40 and discounted hoodies and t-shirts. how the mighty have fallen. pretty tough stuff. >> she has been critical. my good colleague, maureen dowd
1:53 pm
has been critical of the president before and i'm just surprised she didn't sort of use the wintour material and work it in. because it really is all of that. the cat callers and everything just trivializes what should be a very serious campaign at a very serious time. >> i think the friday jobless numbers possibly turns out to be a big numbers in this campaign. >> i think we're really at an inflection point. >> maybe there was a hiccup when we had the disappointing job numbers earlier in the year. clearly the recovery is really slowing down. that's the day the anna wintour ad comes out the same day we get these disappointing job numbers on friday. for those who support president obama, i think it raises questions about just how tough this election is going to be. >> going into the next 24, we've got the fund-raisers in new york and for the three of houston covered the '92 campaign and of course, the most recent campaign, bill clinton, there he will be in all his glory,
1:54 pm
fundraising glory for the president. will he be on message? >> in all of his unrestrained glory? will he be on message? that is really up to him, isn't it? he will be on message as he usually is which is to say in his own way. and so he had a message last week which was governor romney had a stellar business record. not at all helpful. nothing is an accident. but his bottom line message was elected obama. so when you get the former president, you get the bit we are the sweet. >> president clinton can do an awful lot to help president obama, especially in places where president obama has some troubles. ohio, michigan, pennsylvania, those kinds of states. watch the new jersey primary results. we have two incumbents running against each other for a house seat. one backed by obama. one backed by clinton. >> we've got to go but we'll be watching that in the next 24 as well. what fun to have you both here. that does it for us for this
1:55 pm
edition of "andrea mitchell reports." and thomas is next on "news nation." >> coming up in our next hour, ed schultz joins me live from madison, wisconsin, to talk about tomorrow's big recall election. some democrats say that president obama should have played a bigger role in that election. will there be national implications from the wisconsin vote? and then in a few hours, president clinton joins president obama on the campaign trail for a triple header fund-raiser swing in new york city. plus, should facebook allow kids under the age of 13 to join the social networking site? it is today's "news nation" gut check. ♪ surf's up everybody get your boards and your wetsuits ♪
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1:59 pm
schedule and a back lash fro his decision to crush collective bargaining rights for public sector unions. recent polls put the governor ahead. neither candidate is taking their foot off the gas, starting their closing arguments over the weekend. >> i believe public elections about the future, not just the past. i think we have a powerful case to be made for everybody. >> you have a situation where neighbors don't want to talk to neighbors and relatives don't want to talk to relatives because of this political civil war that scott walker has created. i will end that civil war. >> mayor barrett is trying to end the so-called civil war. an extreme cash disadvantage. look at that. dwarfed in fundraising by governor walker and outside groups who are chipping in and he is doing it without the president on his side. the president has been mia in this recall effort. not campaigning with tom barrett. both sides of the aisle weighed in on this "andrea mitchell reports" last hour. >> we're full in in wisconsin. we're committed to helping scott


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